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"Enabling tech teams to discover their potential."

What we offer

Monadium help programmers achieve their career goals throughout their entire careers.


We will offer a community platform where you own your data, and we simple get read access to it so we can view it. Currently, we are not quite there yet, and you will need to commit yaml files into our repo, but the plan is for us to inject data from our member's personal repos and package it nicely so it reaches more companies. This hopefully means that you can post to your own blog and to Monadium at the same time.

Profiles, Teams, and Gigs

You can make a PR to https://github.com/marcusradell/monadium-page/ with some yaml describing your tech profile. When merged, it will be visible online via ur static HTML site.

We want to unite hiring companies with candidates and get a two-way conversation going. We don't talk about companies. We talk about teams and gigs. Teams represent the meaningful organizational unit that will hire a candidate.

Where the company is more of a business entity, we view a team as a group of real people with a shared purpose.

Gigs represent an activity you did to aquire skills, knowledge, and experience. Instead of emphasizing what company you worked at, we emphasize your skills.

Job matching

We notify you when we think we've found your dream team, otherwise we do not disturb.

If your team recruits via our member program, you pay no recruitment fee. We aren't here to recruit. We are here to enable tech teams.

The hiring company pays 300 EUR per month per hired member as long as the member works at the company. This is our skin in the game. When recruitment is done, you have an outside partner acting as a safety net for both the team and the individual member.


We provide members with mentorship one hour every other week via Discord to make sure you can get an outside perspective without signing up a dedicated coach or engineering manager. We will offer online tech talks on Discord based on what your team needs.


We work to make sure that both the team and our member are moving in a health direction. If not, we help with offboarding as well to make sure that everyone ends on top. When our member leaves, we can help both the member and the team to address root causes.

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